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raw. White sweet potato & tarragon slider

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About the Recipe

Blend of tarragon and sweet potato sandwiched between capsicum slices on a bed of lettuce. This dish is topped with a capsicum, mango & lime dressing.



3 baby vine ripened tomatoes

1/2 yellow bell pepper ( remove seeds and core )

1/2 mango ( pitted with no skin )

3 medjool dates ( pitted )

1/2 Thai red chillies

1 cloves of garlic

1/2 thumb of galangal

1/4 thumb of ginger

1/4 thumb of turmeric

1/2 lime ( Juice of )

1/2 lemon ( Juice of )


1 white sweet potato

2 teaspoons of fresh chopped tarragon

1 clove of garlic

Juice of a lime

1 avocado


2 red bell pepper (capsicum)


1/2 lettuce


Step 1 Blend all the ingredients for the dressing together, and then pour the blend into a pouring jug.

Step 2 Next you will place all the ingredients for the filling ( do not place the avocado in yet ) into a clean blender and pulse these in the blender until roughly chopped.

Step 3 Now add the avocado to the chopped mix, and pulse again 3-4 times in your blender ( this should just mix in your avocado.

Step 4 Now take your red bell pepper (capsicum) and slice off 2 pieces that are flat enough to scoop your filling into (refer to photo's for examples ).

Step 5 Finely chop some lettuce and place it on your serving dish.

Step 6 Lay a slice of red bell pepper (capsicum) on the chopped lettuce on the serving dish and place a scoop of your sweet potato filling onto the piece of red bell pepper (capsicum). Once again refer to photo's for this.

Step 7 Then close the slider with a piece of red bell pepper (capsicum) on top to make a sandwich.

Step 8 Finally drizzle with the dressing you made early, and serve with a wedge of lemon.

Step 9 Repeat Steps 4-8 to make up to 4 sliders.

Chef's Tips

  • I pulsed my filling ingredients approx.10 times before putting in avocado to the mix. This was in my Vitamix blender .

  • Each red bell pepper (capsicum ) you can cut off 4 even slices that will make the top and bottom for 2 sliders.

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