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'Love is my health, foundation & world'


After being sick for 32 years of my life and with the above mantra held in mind I left all I knew and had studied over the years about health behind me, in mid 2021. I tapped into all my body was asking of me and discovered how raw foods from mother nature could give me health & a vitality I never new was possible. A massive transformation occurred in all areas of my life. I am now wanting to share this raw vegan health journey and lifestyle with others. I now want to help you incorporate raw foods into your life too.


I created this site as I wanted to share all that is possible when a person finds a way of life that works for them. This lifestyle can feel uncharted territory at times, so this is a space to share all aspects of a raw vegan Sydney lifestyle.

See where Roar can take you


"Remind your body & soul of the true miracle of nature by eating raw foods"

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