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Fat Free Salad

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About the Recipe

A light n spicy salad served with figs.



1 cup baby spinach

1 carrot

1 cucumber

1 zucchini

1 tomato

1 cup of baby tomatoes

1/2 cup coriander

1/4 cup dill

5 cm of leek

1/5 red onion

2- 3 slices of chilli

4cm ginger

1 teaspoon chilli powder

Juice of 2 limes

4 dried turkish figs

Salt & pepper to taste


Step 1 Place the baby spinach into a salad bowl.

Step 2 Make ribbon noodles from the carrot, cucumber and zucchini with a vegetable peeler and place into the salad bowl.

Step 3 Chop the tomato & baby tomato and place on top.

Step 4 Finely dice dill & coriander and put into a bowl.

Step 5 Chop onion and leek on sprinkle on top.

Step 6 Finish salad by shaving some ginger with a vegetable peeler and adding this to the salad with the fresh chilli.

Step 7 To season salad add chilli powder with desired salt and pepper.

Step 8 Serve with Turkish figs.

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