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Raw Mango sushi with sweet chill tangy dipping sauce

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About the Recipe

Yummy fat free snack or light lunch of mango sushi with a tangy sweet dipping sauce of apple, carrot, ginger, chilli and garlic.


Sushi filling

2 cucumber

2 mangoes sliced

1/2 small butter lettuce

Sushi wrap

4 raw nori sheets

Dipping sauce

1 cup of carrot, apple, ginger and turmeric juice

1/2 chopped green onion

2 cloves of garlic chopped

1 thumb of shaved ginger

1 small birds eye chilli chopped

Serve with

Tablespoon of chopped green onion

1/2 lemon cut into wedges


Step 1 Place all the ingredients for the sauce into a glass jar and shake together well.

Step 2 Place the glass container with the sauce into the fridge and leave overnight.

Step 3 Shred the cucumber with a grater and place the cucumber into a cloth or nut milk bag to drain off extra moisture.

Step 4 Take a nori wrapper and lay flat on a chopping board.

Step 5 Place a leaf of lettice in the middle of the sushi wrapper with some of the shredded cucmber and sliced mango.

Step 6 Roll the nori wrapper up into sushi rolls and cut into 5 pieces (refer to photo's).

Step 7 Repeat until all the nori wrappers are used.

Step 8 Serve the sushi with the dipping sauce and sprinkled with green onion and lemon wedges .with some of the tangy sauce in a dipping bowl.

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