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raw. Basil n chilli Tri- noodles

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About the Recipe

A sweet n spicy basil melody that is super nice with carrot, cucumber and zucchini flat noodles.



1 Mango

1 cup of baby tomatoes

1 avocado

1 thumb of turmeric

1 1/2 lemons ( juice of )

1 lime ( juice of )

3/4 cup of fresh basil leaves

1/2 a small red chilli

Tri noodles

1 carrot

2 zucchini’s

2 cucumbers


Step 1 Blend all the sauce ingredients together well in a food processor and pour the sauce over the raw noodles and enjoy!

Step 2 With a vegetable peeler create raw noodles with the carrot, zucchini and cucumbers and place into a large bowl

Step 3 Pour the blended sauce over the noodles.

Step 4 Serve a heaped portion of the noodle mix in your favourite bowl and enjoy!

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