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raw. Chill avocado pasta with tomato dressing

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About the Recipe

Spic, salty and sweet pasta dish with creamy chunks of avocado



 2 cups of baby tomatoes 

1 red bell peppers 

1 cucumber

1/3 avocado 

1/3 spring onion 

1/2 long red chillies 

4 medjool dates ( pitted )

2 cloves of garlic 

Juice of a lemon

3cm cube of galangal 

1/2 cup of fresh chopped chives


2 zucchinis 

1 cucumber 

2/3 avocado 

1 cup baby tomatoes 

1/2 long red chilli

1 spring onion


Step 1 Create vegtable pasta from the zuchini and cucumber with a vegtable spirilizer. Then place them into a bowl.

Step 2 Chop the baby tomatos in half and place them into the bowl with the vegtable pasta.

Step 3 Chop the bell pepper and cucumber and place them into a high speed blender with the other sauce ingredients. Blend on high speed until smmoth.

Step 4 Pour the dressing over the vegtable pasta.

Step 5 Slice the avocado, chill and spring onions and over the top the pasta dish and serve.

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