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raw. Nori rolls with a sugar plum & garlic sauce

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About the Recipe

raw. Nori rolls with flowers, micro greens, avocado and my raw. Sugar plum & garlic dipping sauce


Dipping Sauce

2 celery stalks

15 sugar plums (pitted )

2 garlic cloves

1 yellow bell pepper

1/5 avocado

3 medjool dates (pitted )

Nori rolls

4 raw nori sheets

6 cucumbers

1 cup of micro greens

1/4 of edible flowers

1 avocado

10g of chives


Step 1 Place all the ingredients for the dipping sauce into a

blender and blend well until smooth

Step 2 Julienne 2 cucumbers and place a quarter of it flat onto

the nori sheet.

Step 3Next place a quarter of the micro greens on top in the

centre of the nori sheet (refer to photos )

Step 4Put a tablespoon of the blended sauce on top in the

middle of the nori paper on top of the micro greens.

Step 5 Slice the avocado into thin slices ( removing the skin

and seed first ) and place a quarter of it onto the centre

of your nori paper ( refer to photo ).

Step 6 Lay a quarter of the chives across your nori paper on

top of the avocado.

Step 7Then top with a quarter of the edible flowers.

Step 8 Roll up your nori roll.

Step 9 Repeat Steps 2- 8 with all the nori sheets.

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