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raw. Simple dressed salad

Prep Time:

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About the Recipe

Light avo & mango dressing with cos lettuce, baby yellow bell pepper & pomegranate



1 cos lettuce

2 baby yellow bell peppers

1/2 spring onion

1/2 pommegrante (seeds only)


Handful of baby tomatoes

1 mango

1 spring onion

1 avocado

1/2 chillies

Juice of 1 lemon

1 thumb of ginger

Handful of parsley

1/2 handful coriander


Step 1 Put some cos lettuce in a serving bowl.

Step 2 Now take all the ingredients of the dressing and blend them until creamy.

Step 3 Pour your dressing over your lettuce leaves.

Step 4 Top your salad with slices of yellow bell pepper, pomegranate seeds & sliced spring onion.

Chef's Tips

  • You will have enough dressing and lettuce to create this recipe in 2 bowls if you choose or you may want to serve in a large salad bowl.

  • Use extra lemon juice when you serve if you desire.

  • If you do not like like heat to your food then please do not add the chilli.

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