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10 min

16 hours



raw. Tomato, Mango & basil tortilla

Prep Time:

Total Time:



About the Recipe

These tortillas are all natural and so super yummy to wrap your salads, have with veggie spreads & dips, or create raw sandwich's with. They are a sweet tomato, mango herb taste to any dish.



500g cherry tomatoes

3 vine ripened tomatoes

2 red bell pepper

3 medjool dates

cloves of garlic

3 avocados

1 mango


Step 1 Blend all tortilla ingredients in a blender until smootl

Step 2 Pour out approximately 6-7 tortillas onto your dehydrator trays lined these with baking paper.

Step 3 Place into your dehydrator for approximately 14 hours at 110'f

Step 4 Then flip your tortillas and place back into the dehydrator for another 2 hours at 110' f.

Step 5 Remove from dehydrator and enjoy these filled with salad, dip in raw soups & dips or enjoy with some avocado and tomato.

Chef's Tips

  • All dehydrators are different and the times given here for your tortillas to cook is based on my 5 draw

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