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This is a guide of the stores I use as a fully raw vegan. This is to help you find similar stores for your raw needs  that are local to you or online.

IMG_3154 2_edited.jpg

All the great products I use in my raw vegan kitchen

I created a Amazon store front to make it easier for you to find all the great products you need to get your raw vegan lifestyle started!!!

You can find blender, dehydrator, knife, juicing accessories and more at the here!!! (Please note I make a commission off of anything purchased through this link)

Best Fresh Sutherland.jpeg

Really great prices and sell many of their produces in boxes.

This is a great fruit & vegetable store as they sell a lot of their produce in boxes. This store is about 20min drive from me but worth it for the bulk buys.

Morroco method.jpeg

Low cost naturally grown food

Natural hair care


If you live in Sydney this is the place to shop for fresh produce. The produce is incredible and there are no sprays or chemicals on the produce!!!The cost per kilo of most in season fruits and vegetables is similar to that of conventional!!!

Defiantly check these guys out and put your order in early in the week to have the produce delivered by the weekend!!!

I absolutely love the natural and vegan hair care products by Morrocco Method. I am so sensitive to chemicals and it took me 5 years to find this product which feels incredible in my hair and I have no reaction too!!!

I have a 10% discount for you guys as well!!! just use ROARSKYE10 at check out to receive this discount!!!! (Please note that I make commission when ever you use this link to buy the product)

Cronulla Fruitland, Cronulla.jpeg

Day to day fruit & vegetable grocery shop

Cronulla Fruitland is my 'go to' for all my daily fruit & vegetable needs . They have a great range of fruit & vegetables; which they get fresh daily from the markets. The prices here I find are really reasonable too.

 It is so important to have a great and well priced fruit market you can go to each day when living a Raw Vegan lifestyle. They are open from 7am- 7pm, and I go here for my fruit & vegetables most days.

CJ's Cronulla.JPG

Fruit & Vegetable corner store

CJ's is within walking distance from where I live,  and this store stocks lots fresh produce. Their fresh produces comes from the Cronulla Gourmet Grocer ( so it is really great produce) and they are open from 7am- 10pm every day.

This type of local store is really great for those times I need to quickly duck out and buy any fruit and vegetable I run out of .I do a lot of late night avocado runs to this store.

Gormet Grocer, Cronulla 2.png

High quality gourmet grocer

The produce from here is very high quality and I love anything I purchase from them. I do not shop here very often as the prices are higher (hence: 'gourmet'). Though it is good to know where you can get good quality produce. I can always guarantee my purchases from here will make an incredible raw dish. Another great reason I visit this store is they create some of the highest quality juices I have ever tasted.

Woolworths Caringbah_edited.jpg

Fruit, vegetable, oodles & oil 

A big supermarket chain like Woolworths really helps to have close by. The produces is always fresh, prices are great, so much variety and they even have pre-packaged vegetable pastas, cauliflower rice, dry slaw mix and many green leaf salad mix's at Woolworths too.

Some of these pre packaged vegetables are great to have on hand and your best friend when beginning this lifestyle. As you can just add a dressing or sauce to them and your raw meal is ready.

I also get my cold pressed coconut oil from here too. Please note I use this oil topically as a moisturiser, hair conditioner , makeup remover ( I will blog more on the uses of this product soon).

 Another great advantage is this supermarket is open daily from 7am- 10pm so you have no excuse not to have fresh fruit and vegetables morning or night.

Organics cronulla_edited.jpg

Sea vegetables, self care & cleaning products

I get most of my natural products, like my seaweeds, from this store. They  will order in products I need  if it is not in stock . I get my shampoo, toothpaste, raw sushi paper, dulse and cleaning products from nourish. They supply most of the natural products you need for your health. It is always good to know where your closets a health store is.

Burrener grocer_edited.jpg

Gourmet fruit, vegetables, juices & salad bases

  I do love this grocer for many reasons. The first being that they stock high quality produce. A big plus is this store sell large pre- made salad bases and their kale slaw is something out of this world (one of my absolute favourite salad mix's).

I do also love grabbing a juice whenever I shop here. The juices are from great quality produce and their juice combinations are some of my favourites.


Natural makeup

If I wear makeup this is the one I use. Ere Perez make every product from the most natural ingredients, and my skin actually glows wearing it. It is great to know that this make up is actually good for my skin. 

I buy this makeup from a local health food store. Otherwise you can go to their website  to find a local stockist or you can order it online. 

Flora & Fauna.png

Natural products

This store stocks everything you may need when it comes to natural products including bathroom, kitchen, laundry, beauty and health care products. Their products are natural and  good for you and the environment.

If I can not make a product myself or get it from a local health store I will then look to  Flora & Fauna to get a product I need.

Shire Farmers Markets_edited.jpg

Certified organic produce

This market is open every Saturday and has some really great organic produce. I do love visiting this market as I will always find many fruits & vegetables different varieties that you can not find elsewhere .

cotton on.png

Vegan Fashion

I adore everything Cotton On & Cotton On Body sells and stands for. These guys make many vegan friendly options such as shoes, bags, clothes, activewear & underwear. These shops are  a must for many of my vegan fashion needs. The fashion is not only trendy & comfortable, it is also inexpensive too. I truly feel happy just walking into this store and seeing so many vegan clothing options.


Bamboo Lounge wear, underwear & sleep wear

The clothes from here feel like a hug on your skin. And because their bamboo fabric is so lightweight you feel your skin can still breathe while in BOODY. I love that BOODY is vegan friendly & has a focus on creating a more sustainable planet. There are many reasons the gorgeous clothes from BOODY will make you feel amazing.

IGA Cronulla_edited.jpg

Lower cost fruit and vegtables

IGA is a supermarket in Cronulla that has lots of fruit and vegetables that are cheap. The quality of produce varies at IGA yet if I buy my produce here i do save money. It is good to always know where you can get cheaper produce.



 I do still get my eyebrows waxed. I did my research and found this beautician. The wax she uses is vegan and I have no reaction to the wax or waxing after a visit. I am someone who reacts to everything foreign to the body. I am so grateful that the ingredients in the wax used at TVB work really well with my skin.


I also love the shape, style and look of my brows when ever I get them waxed. I love that I get all this with a smile too, which is another reason I love visiting this beautician.

If you do not live near by simply search in your local area for cruelty free, vegan and natural products for a great skin and better world.


Bulk buys of fruit & vegtables

This was a great find at Westfield Miranda. This shop has some of the freshest produce I have come across and the prices are some of the best too. I find this is a great store to do the bulk of my shopping at each week

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