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Raw vegan "salmon" sushi

Prep Time:

20 mins

Total Time:

20 mins





About the Recipe

A delicious raw vegan sushi recipe that very well resembles a conventional sushi but without the harm to your body or to any creature.



My Papaya salmon

1 large avocado chopped vertically

1 large cucumber chopped vertically

1 large grated carrot

12 cherry tomatoes quartered

1 head of separated lettuce leaves

1/2 a zucchini blended until smooth

4 large raw nori sheets


Step 1 Lay the lettuce leaves flat onto the nori sheet until it is covered.

Step 2 Add the blended zucchini to the grated carrot and stir it in so that it coats the carrot well.

Step 3 Cover the lettuce leaves with a layer of the grated carrot and zucchini mixture.

Step 4 Add the tomato, cucumber and avocado on top of the carrot mixture as desired.

Step 5 Top generously with my papaya salmon pieces to finish

Step 6 Roll the sushi up securely.

Step 7 Serve and enjoy.

Chef's Tips

  • This sushi recipe is great served with a large salad made with all your favorite greens.

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