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  Restaurants and dining experiences you can  enjoy raw in & around Sydney & Australia. 


 I love to create raw salads from fresh ingredients listed off restaurant menus. This salad was simply pomegranate, avocado, fresh lemon, shallots & chilli added to their 'Garden side salad'. ($12 (membership price)). To create this I simply found raw ingredients from other dishes off their menu. This one is one of my favourite salads.


When dinning here I have a beautiful 'fresh fruit salad' ($22), with a freshly made juice- which they make from fresh fruit they have in stock on the day ($8) and a beautiful 'mixed leaf, avocado & tomato salad with fresh lemon' ($22).


To ensure they have the raw produce on the day of a booking, I will call this restaurant approx. 2 days ahead of a reservation.  I simply let the chef know my dietary requirements and he will kindly cater to my raw vegan needs. When ever you can try to always call a restaurant ahead of a meal as most will accommodate any dietary needs.


This meal was a real treat which included 3 raw vegan dishes. I called this restaurant ahead of my booking to let them know I was raw vegan. They said they would create dish's for me on the night of the banquet I was attending at the restaurant . The first was a carrot, lettuce, tomato & grape salad served with fresh lime & edible flowers. I then had a Pear, rocket & blood orange salad. For desert I enjoyed a fresh seasonal fruit platter. Absolutely amazing to have a chef create lots of raw dishes.


I  ordered two of these lettuce, ginger, lime, chilli, onion, snow pea & radish salads. I created these  salads myself on the night.  I simply chose all the fresh ingredients off of their menu. I  also called ahead to let them know I was a raw vegan and I would be creating a salad made from fresh ingredients off their menu.


I called ahead for this booking & informed them that I was a raw vegan. I did what I usually do prior to a reservation; I went through their menu and found all the fresh ingredients listed, and suggested to them what I could eat that they have in stock. They created on the day a fresh grapefruit ,peach & lime juice, a lettuce, avocado , tomato, onion, lemon & lime salad and a huge fruit platter with seasonal fruits.


I called ahead of the event and I told the chef I only ate raw vegetables & lots of them. On the day I was served glasses & glasses of lemon water. So I was really hydrated. I was also served with a huge beautiful rocket, cucumber, pear, carrot, tomato & baby tomato salad. This was a really great experience!


Thai restaurants are really great for loads of fresh ingredients on their menus. Bangkok Bites menu &  found a Carrot & papaya salad ( $16.90 ), Steamed vegetables ( $10 ) ( I asked them to hold the steam as I had these raw ) .These dish's came with fresh chilli, lemon & lettuce on the side. A really great experience.


I called A'Mare ahead for this booking and told them I had created a salad based on some fresh ingredients on their menu. I found they had rocket, basil & lemon. ( I will note here that I had to bring my own avocado  and was charged $15 to have it served on my salad). They created the most unbelievable fresh green juice ( $8 ) from produce they had available on the day. I had 2 of these juices as they were just so amazing.


This was a really great experience. I simply called Vitalo before my reservation and told them I was raw vegan. This very health conscious restaurant easily created a beautiful fresh raw vegan salad of asparagus, broccoli, pear, avocado & lemon on the day. I also chose one of their fresh green juices offthe menu too- yum!


 I created this salad from their menu using the 'Pear & rocket salad (gf)' (with no dressing) as my salad base. I then added some fresh ingredients from their menu which in this case was avocado, tomato  capsicum & lemon. I had also called Zimzalas a week prior to dinning to ensure they understood my dietary requirements.


This was an impromptu dinner so no calling ahead for this one. They were happy on the night for me to create my own salad off their menu. I used their 'Mixed House Salad  (gf,v)' ( no dressing ) as the base for my salad. I then found chilli, onion, coriander, fennel, avocado, cucumber & freshly squeezed lemon juice on their menu to add to this salad( $19 ).  This was an incredible salad


 I really love the sunlight that warms this roof top restaurant. I also love how I am able to order something raw off of their menu  too. I have the broccoli, carrots, capsicum , Thai basil, fresh chilli & lemon ($10 ) when dining here. I visit Noodle Hut often and sometimes bring my own avocado & medjool dates to add to this dish. So yummy!


 I simple ordered  the 'Fratelli House' salad ($19) from their menu. I asked for my salad to be served with no cheese, nuts or dressing. This was  a salad of butter lettuce, radicchio, avocado, nashi pear, dill, and radish. I also asked them for extra avocado, fresh chilli  and lemon to be served with the salad. This was a really beautiful and fresh salad with so many great flavours.


 This venue provided a show and dinner. I called ahead and explained my dietary needs for the night. They kindly  organised a salad for me. This was made from all the  fresh ingredients I could find on their menu. It was a salad of mixed leaves, carrot, avocado & fresh lemon juice.  This was a simple salad and I loved it. This venue has live great bands and the ticket included the food and entertainment for the night.


I ordered just 3 basic ingredient salad from this  restaurant. In this case I felt it could have been bigger for this cost of $21 from a pub. I was so grateful I had some fresh chilli & medjool dates in my handbag to add to this dish.


This restaurant created this salad for me. It was a mixed leaf salad with added avocado, tomato and fresh chilli on the side ( $15 ). I really enjoyed this raw vegan dish, as this restaurant really listened to what my dietary needs were.They were more than happy to help create a raw vegan salad for me on the night.


 I enjoyed 2 super yummy salads from the Boatshed  menu . The first was called a 'Mini salad' ( $7 ) and it was made up of  mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber and carrot. I, of course, asked for a side of fresh chilli and lemon to dress the salad. Next I ordered the 'Watermelon salad '( $24 ) which included fresh watermelon, spinach , apple & mint from. These salads were amazing!


I ordered a salad on the day that was off the Salt House menu, called the 'FNQ salad'. I asked that my salad have no dressing and contained just the mixed leaves, mango, and avocado ( $13 ). I must mention here that I did not finish this salad. The mango ( please note it is was not in season when I ordered this salad ) did not taste fresh. To me it tasted like it had been frozen and defrosted or it had been dehydrated and then soaked before serving. Either way next time  I will not order any food that is not in season.


This salad is a combination of their side salad ( $8 ) with no dressing and I asked them to add pomegranate, fresh herbs, avocado, & chilli. These were all fresh ingredients I found else where off of their menu . All this served with lemon on the side for a dressing. Such  a great price and really yummy salad mix!


This was a mixed leaf salad with tomato, avocado & lemon. I called the Champagne bar before I went to a work dinner. I told them I was raw vegan and sent them my website. They were very accommodating to my needs and the chef created this salad for me on the night.  This was a great salad with one very great view.


This was a vegetarian restaurant in the inner city of Sydney. I ordered 2 salads off their menu. The first was the 'Mixed Leaf Salad' ($9.50). I enjoyed this and it included mixed green salad with radish and tomato with no dressing. I also ordered the "Crispy Tofu Salad with papaya '. ($17.50). I had mine with no tofu, no dressing so it was papaya & fresh herbs. I had freshly squeezed lemon with both these salads a a dressing.


I loved the experience here at Stalicites. The salads that I ordered was the ' Greek garden Salad ' ( $13.50 ) off of their menu. I asked for some things to be left off off my  ' Greek garden salad ' so mine was mixed leaf lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber & red onion. I asked for a side of fresh lemon to use as dressing and brought dates and avocado to the restaurant and added these to the dish. I ordered 2 of theses salads on the night.


I had the most amazing experience at this beautiful greek restaurant. The staff,ambiance and the amazing salad they created for me at M.I.M by 1821 made for a spectacular night.

I combined  all the raw ingredients listed in 2 salads off of their menu. This salad ($22)  was a combination of the ' Village Salad ' ; Cherry tomatoes, onion, cucumber ( only ) and the 'Greek Slaw ' ;Cabbage, carrot, mint ( only ). This combination was incredible. I was served one large salad and ! added avocado. 


This was a great night with 2 of their 'Garden Salads' ($6 each) off the menu with the dressing on the side and some lemon wedges.

I rarely travel to a restaurant these days with out avocado. This night I used my avocado with the salads and for $12 I was impressed and satisfied with the avocado  added.


I went to a party at this restaurant, and the restaurant was told ahead of time that I was raw vegan. When I arrived the staff double checked with me what I could eat. They then brought me out a yummy salad. This salad was mixed leaves, baby tomatoes, red bell pepper, chives, avocado and I dressed this salad with lemon juice.


I ordered this salad when I went out to dinner at Marrickville Bowling Club.  I ordered off of their menu and made a few adjusts to one of the dish's on the menu.


I ordered their 'Squid Salad' and asked that it only contain the mixed leaf, watermelon, onion, tomato, cucumber and the fresh herbs. I then had this served with fresh lemon wedges.

Since I was not eating most of what was contained in the original 'Squid Salad' they adjusted the price for me from $28 down to $22 on the night.


I called prior to a lunch booking at this restaurant. They asked for what I could eat and made me this salad on the day. This salad contained cucumber, tomato, parsley, mint and Spanish onion. I enjoyed 2 of these salads ($22 each) with fresh lemon juice.


Harvest restaurant grows it's own food in the organic garden it has behind the restaurant. This was a salad of lettuce, strawberries, carrot and orange. Served with an orange juice dressing. I brought my own avocado and had it with the salad. I believe the salad was approx $20.


Like usual I called this restaurant prior to the booking. I saw they had 2 salads on their menu. One was the 'House Green Salad' which I ordered. I got them to remove the vinaigrette when this salad was made.


I saw they had another salad on their menu called 'Horiatiki '. I saw this salad had cucumber in it. So I asked the staff to add the cucumber to my 'House Green Salad' with a side of lemon.

This was then a salad of dill, radish, mixed greens, cucumber, Spanish onion and lemon. I brought to the restaurant an avocado and my Super Greens Dressing. This was really good combo and I ordered 2 of these salads which were $15 each.

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