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 Self care 

'There is no better way to tell yourself you love you than Self Care'

Self care is all the incredible rituals that help the body relax, renew and thrive. How you chose to feel good through Self Care is up to you as there are so many amazing ways to help our bodies feel the best every day. Below are some of my self care and love routine I give my body, mind and soul. Everything below adds to my overall health and ability to Roar in life.


Time in sunlight


I noticed the more raw foods I ingested the more I needed to be outside in the sun and the more time I spent outside in the sun the better I felt. I would spend anywhere from 10- 20min eating, sitting in nature or in the water with the sunlight on me.

There was a very deep connection to source (the sun) the grew very quickly when I ate raw living foods. I also noticed my skin was now going brown with time spent in the sun where as most of my life my skin would go red in the sun.

If our bodies are alkaline we should benefit  NOT REACT to small amounts of direct sunlight. We can benefit greatly from all the vitamins, increase in serotonin equalling a better mood and life that the sun can give us. Always start small with time spent in the sun as I am sharing this as sunlight as truly helped my health thrive, to a point that I feel alive and buzzing after anytime I spend in the sun.


PLEASE NOTE: If I ever felt like I was burning I would move out of the sun. If I spent more than 20 min in the sun I would use a non- toxic vegan sunscreen that you can get from your local health store.

Self massage


This is so important to promote blood flow and help the lymphatic system drain. When I do self massage I simply apply pressure with some coconut oil on the tips of my fingers and massage over most of my body. I focus on any areas that feel tight or tender.


This self care tool also helps with keeping my muscles healthy as massage increases blood flow into the muscle tissue.

Cold shower

Image by Carson Masterson

I take showers daily that are cold and I stay in for approximately 30 secs for the lat part of my shower. These increase immunity, decrease pain, lower stress levels, helped me transition to swim in the ocean through winter, invigorate and wake me, improve circulation, close hair follicles and tightens skin.

I could go on and on about all the benefits I have found from cold showering

Coconut oil

Coconut in Bowl

Is there anything coconut oil does not help with? I feel no matter what is going on in my life using cold pressed coconut oil feels incredible and helps with so much self care.

Uses for Coconut Oil:

  • moisturiser

  • hair mask

  • massage oil

  • cuticle softener

  • lip balm

  • sun screen (SPF 7)

  • oil pulling

  • skin irritations & bites

To know more about the places I shop for Coconut oil  please head to Roar Shopping.

Salt baths

Luxury Bathroom

Bath's with Himalayan salt or sea salt, soft music, candles and coconut oil added to it are one of my favourite self care treats. I do not have a bath at home so I am blessed my parents do.When ever I stay over at my parents apartment I will treat my self to a bath with approx. 2 tablespoons of a natural salt.

Natural sea salt includes Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and many beneficial trace minerals. The benefits I have found with these natural salts in baths are as follows:

  • improved mood

  • calming

  • improved circulation

  • relives muscle tension and pain

  • calming on the skin

I feel like a new person after one of my bathing rituals.

Bamboo products

Wellness Products

Not only is bamboo more eco- friendly, strong and a sustainable material that is non- toxic and also durable. It is better for you & feels good on my scalp, gentle in my mouth, beautiful to hold and it also looks good in my bathroom.

When it comes to my toothbrush, comb, cutlery and exfoliating brush I use bamboo products. I love the feeling of my bamboo hair comb on my scalp as it is softer & less toxic than a plastic comb. I can not speak any higher of the way a bamboo toothbrush does not bang on my teeth as much as a plastic one use to when I had one.

The biggest game changer for myself and others that I coach is the bamboo cutlery. Do you know how much damage metal cutlery does each time it hits your teeth? Although steel is stronger your teeth are more brittle and each time a fork or spoon enters your mouth you scratch and damage teeth enamel. So if you want to change any of the above to bamboo or even wood, can  recommend it be your utensils first!

To know more about the places I shop for bamboo products please head of to Roar Shopping.

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