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10 Days of Eating Only Grapes

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

If you follow my story you will be aware that I have embarked on a diet of eating only grapes to heal a damaged and painful tooth. I went into severe pain 3 weeks ago when a tooth I believed had had root canal on became very sore. I booked to see my dentist and when I saw him I was told that the root canal on that tooth was only partially completed. He said he needed to finish the root canal, he also said he would start today and that this would relieve some of the discomfort I was experiencing. I was also informed that I would need to return two more times for treatment to complete the root canal.

After the dentist did the dental work I was in so much pain all over my my face, cheeks, neck, arms and torso. I had neuralgia and a migraine across in face from the treatment. It seems the dental work had set off some of my old Chromic Pain. For the first time since going raw I took pain relief for 3- 4 days. Once the pain settled down I spoke to the dentist about all I endured after the dental work he did and shared how this was extremely traumatising for me. The dentist gave me some options to fix the tooth and the one option that would cause less problems was that he would pull the tooth out.

I booked in with the dentist to have the tooth pulled and felt really disheartened that I would need to have another surgery (have had over 60 in my life already) and that I would have to loose a tooth. I shared some of this on my Instagram story and I had a flood of support of well wishes, strength and love come from followers. This reminded me of all I had accomplished with raw foods over the past year and a half. I healed so many diseases, ailments, inflammation and more with raw foods. This made me realise it was possible to heal this tooth.

I had been recently reading about the power of a fruit only diet and the astringency of grapes in particular for deep healing. Grapes were bought to my attention by Dr Robert Morse and all his work with cell regeneration with fruits. "Grapes not only contain tannins but also high amounts of tartaric acid, which adds to their astringent taste." (Healthline, 2021) What does that mean exactly? Astringency facilitates an action in the body that shrinks or constricts body tissues. You might recognise this astringency in the mouth after eating a lemon when the mouth starts puckering and contracting. When you eat highly astringent fruits like grapes it has a constricting effect on all the cells of our body and they start to expel waste that was backed up. This is the main cause of disease and inflammation in the body.

This astringency will also stimulate the regeneration of the cells in our body. The main result of all this is the movement of the lymph system and this removes all the waste from the body. This will promotes a healthy, healing and alkaline body free of disease. If you have any disease in the body it is a lymph system problem from waste build up in cells. To understand this further I suggest reading Dr Morse's book Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration . After reading this book I now believe that all disease's can be cured by healing the lymph system.

Grapes are also very high in electromagnetic energy, we are electric beings who's nervous system and cells thrive the greater the level of electromagnetic energy from foods that we ingest. Thus speeds up and improves the entire functioning of the body. Grapes are also high in sugars and this is important as the cells of the human body run off of sugars in the form of glucose. Grapes are extremely alkaline on the body and no disease can exist in alkaline environment. Therefore grapes are like little balls of healing energy to help you heal deep with in.

What does the grape cleanse look like for me?

I am eating as many grapes as I like as often as I like each day. It seems I am eating approx. 2.5 pounds of grapes a day at the moment. I am eating all type of grapes such as Australian white seedless, Australian red seedless and Black sapphire grapes. All the grapes I am eating at the moment I are not organic. Before I eat the grapes I soak the grapes in water and bi carb for approx. half an hour. I then drain them and rinse them again with filtered water and then they are ready to eat.

I like to have the grapes near by me during the day to pick on and I eat a plate or 2 of grapes each time I am feeling hungry during the day. I am eating approximately 7 plates worth of grapes a day. I am not interment fasting at the moment and eating from 9am- 7 or 8 pm each day. I am also eating one of my raw. Grape sorbet’s each day, which is a frozen grapes blend. A link for this recipe can be found here.

I am also drinking approx. 2 L of spring water a day and have backed off on the amount of exercise I am doing while eating way.

How am I feeling eating approx. 2.5 pounds of grapes a day?

Days 1-3

When I started this diet I was in a lot of pain in the tooth, face and upper body. With in 2-3 days the pain had left my body and not returned. I did feel a slight sensitivity in the tooth up until day 5 on only grapes. For the first 3 days on grapes I would have very vivid dreams and wake up covered in sweat. During those first 3 days I felt high levels of energy, super light, more focused and sometimes a little moody.

Days 4-9

This is where things changed for me as I became tired, foggy headed, constipated, welts appeared over my body, hypersensitive, and even more intense vivid dreaming at night. I noticed my stomach was super flat, my clothes were loose as I had lost weight, my tooth pain was gone, my nails and hair felt strong.

I was also going through so many feelings and emotions during these days , these emotions were connected to lots of old memories that had not surfaced in many years. Whether awake or asleep it felt like my body was purging something physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Day 10-11

I woke up on day 10 and could barely lift my head off of the pillow. I had ulcers in my mouth, chills, sneezing, a nervous twitch in my eye and felt like I had a cold. I rested, sat in the sun and went for dips in the ocean. I went to bed early on day and have woken up today feeling much better and went for my morning run. I still have cold and flu like symptoms at the time of writing this on day 11. Many of the other symptoms from days 4-9 have gone, yet each day seems to be different while eating only grapes.

As you can see I am going through a roller coster different things on this grape healing diet. I do feel generally good and there is a much lower level of inflammation in my body at the moment eating only grapes. I have no idea at this stage how long I will be on this diet. I have read that 3 -6 weeks is a good starting point to heal most diseases at this point I am taking it a day at a time.

In truth when I started this diet I was very scared. I was feeling so much pain in my body that I had not felt in years and all this led me to the grape diet. I like to listen to that inner voice of mine, it is my mind, body and soul which will decide how long I stay on a grapes only diet. At this stage the tooth pain and neuralgia I wanted to heal has dissipated so I have achieved my healing goal.

I am very aware that for a person to feel pain in their body that there is a lot of inflammation in the tissue. I want to heal this as much as possible with the alkalinity of the grape diet. I will note here that if the pain does return once I go back to my raw foods diet I will once agin turn to a grape only diet for a period of time to ease and heal the inflammation.

One of the greatest gifts of this diet is that you feel very enlightened, lifted in spirit and extremely connected to nature and source. I must say that thus far this is one very beautiful experience I am grateful for!! #grapeonlydiet

I really hope this post helps many of you on your healing journey's. If you have any questions, would like to know more about anything I am doing or you would like to share your healing journey please let me know in the comments below. Do not forget to subscribe to Roar so you can stay up to date with all things raw vegan, raw healing and raw vegan recipes.

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