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Eating Only Fruit for 10 Days

You might be thinking what would make a person eat only fruit for periods of time? The answer is easy: "I feel great eating only fruits and they speed up my healing". I recently injured my shoulder about 2 weeks ago, there was no acute injury, I simply woke up and could barely move it. The injury was in the soft tissue and caused me a lot of pain. I noticed after 3 days of resting the shoulder that the pain was not easing. In fact the pain and muscles around the injury were more inflamed!!! This is when I thought back to when I did the Grape Only Diet earlier this year. I felt great when I did this diet and I healed the tooth pain I was suffering from on the diet too!!

I decided once again I needed to support my body during healing and truth be told I was craving only fruit!! I knew grapes were not in season so I decided to help my body heal by eating only fruits. Fruits are easy on digestion, have a high electromagnetic energy, they're full of nutrients and extremely hydrating for the body. These were all key ingredients I needed to help me heal. The first 3 days eating the fruits I did not eat much at all. The pain I was suffering meant I had lost my appetite. During those 3 days my body released a lot of mucus. I will say after 3 days of eating fruits like melons, pineapple, apples, strawberries, blueberries, plums and persimmons I felt really focused and light as well. By Day 3 the pain had subsided a lot and I was eating much more as well!!

I did notice by Day 4 of eating only fruits that I was getting cold chills and I found it really hard to stay warm. This may have been detox symptoms or the fact that I was still not able to eat much and the human body lowers its body temperature to conserve energy when it goes into a caloric deficit. By Day 5 eating only fruits I felt my injury was much better. I was up doing more and using my shoulder again. I did notice that I was getting aches on the left side of my back where my left kidney is situated. This pain was most intense just before I ate breakfast each day. You see, during this fruit only diet I was also intermittent fasting. This meant that I was ONLY eating between 1-5 pm each day. I was therefore fasting for approx. 19 hours each day. I have continued to notice this kidney pain from Day 5 onwards.

I follow and have read a lot by Dr Morse, and Dr Morse talks often about how most of today's society's kidneys are not filtering properly. This lack of kidney filtration usually occurs to people who have weak adrenal glands or a genetic weakness in the adrenal or surrounding glands. This weakness is caused by acidosis in their body. I believe this was what was occurring to me and why I have had pain in the area. By Day 6 eating only fruit I was able to get back to my 5km daily run. The pain in my body was much lower. I would say it was 70% better than when I started eating only fruits. The last few days eating only fruits have felt very natural and each day I wake up and my shoulder feels better and better.

On Day 10 of eating only fruits I got back to pilates, as well as did my 5km run and did 500 m ocean swim. I feel so much better and the pain has completely gone from my shoulder area. I will say I am still a little stiff. The stiffness will go as I return to my usual activities and as for eating only fruits I am going to continue doing this as long as my body enjoys it!!!

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