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21 Day Grape Only Diet

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

If you have been following my journey you will know that I was eating only grapes to heal a painful tooth and neuralgia . I have written 2 other blog posts on my grape healing diet that you can find here. I have now stopped eating only grapes. I do want to share more about the healing I gained from eating grapes only for an extended period and why I started to add other foods back to my diet.

The last week of eating only grapes in my 21 Day Grape Only Diet I was still feeling great!! The main goal of being on this diet was to heal a tooth that was painful and causing neuralgia. This tooth pain had gone since Day 4 of eating only grapes To read more on this please see my previous post about my grape eating journey. In the last week of this diet I did notice my teeth were becoming very sensitive, the tooth that had caused me to go on this diet was a little sore, and each night I brushed my teeth my teeth my teeth would bleed excessively.

By Day 20 and 21 of eating only grapes I had also become extremely lethargic ,could barely concentrate, was not sleeping well and extremely restless. I was very aware while going through these symptoms that a Grape Only Diet being extremely alkaline to the body can cause many detox and healing symptoms like I was going through.

Day 20 and 21 of the grape only diet I was also craving leafy greens and herbs like coriander often. These cravings were intense and it got to the point where all I would think about were greens on Day 21. By day 21 I had also become bed bound again and since I spend approx. 25 years of my life in a bed due to bad health (read here for more information on my past health) I was not going to spend unnecessary time back back in bed if greens might help me. So at the end of Day 21 of eating only grapes I made myself a very simple green salad. The first meal I ate breaking the Grape Only Diet was made of rocket, baby spinach, coriander and a little avocado which was all organic except the avocado.

First meal breaking the grape only diet of rocket, baby spinach, coriander and avocado
First meal breaking the grape only diet of rocket, baby spinach, coriander and avocado

After eating the greens I did slowly start to feel a little better. Eating new foods felt like a huge shift for my body which took a lot of energy to digest the greens after only eating only grapes for 3 weeks. I noticed after the greens that I was less restless and could get out of bed and move around more. One of the greatest benefits after eating the greens was the absolutely incredible nights sleep I got that night. I truly had not felt like I was sleeping as well while eating only grapes. I also woke up and felt great exercising the next day after eating the greens. I had not exercised much in the last week of eating grapes so this was great!!

The next meal I had was some watermelon, I ate this the second day of breaking the grape only diet. It tasted incredible! I ate approximately 1/4 of an organic watermelon and I then ate grapes again for the rest of the day. For dinner on Day 2 of breaking the Grape Only Diet I ate a simple green salad for dinner of rocket, baby spinach, coriander and banana. All the produce I ate was organic since I had discovered the benefits of eating only organic grapes. I wanted to ensure that I continued eating organic produce to improve my health even more.

Green salad day 2 of breaking the grape only diet. The salad was rocket, baby spinach, coriander and banana
Green salad day 2 of breaking the grape only diet. The salad was rocket, baby spinach, coriander and banana

I was feeling better and better as I added more variety of raw organic foods back into my diet. It was mostly concentration and tiredness that improved as I ate more variety of raw foods. I did notice that as I added foods it was taking a lot of energy to digest any foods that were not grapes. I made sure to spend time relaxing after each meal to help with digestion. Each day I slowly added more and more foods back into my diet. As I did include more foods I was noticing that my old tooth pain was hurting any time I ate a fruit meal. Once I ate a meal of greens I notices the tooth pain would dissipate and I was pain free again.

I realised the greens were having an alkalising effect in my mouth as fruit is acidic when in the oral cavity (it does have an alkaline effect on the body once digested). To help alkalise my inflamed mouth and tooth I made a very potent green mouth wash. I made this from coriander, baby spinach, turmeric and ginger. I would rinse my mouth with this after every fruit meal and after I brushed my teeth. I did this for approximately a week after breaking the grape only diet. I do attribute having no tooth pain now to this green mouth wash use.

I feel so grateful for the 21 days grape diet, I feel I gained better digestion, healing of tooth pain and neuralgia, stronger mind, stronger hair, nails and a greater connection to the universe and my own spirit. I do believe the pain of my tooth was a very great motivation to stay on a mono fruit diet and eating only grapes. I believe I accomplished the healing I wanted by eating only grapes and then my green mouth wash. I will say that 10 days after reintroducing new foods that I am still finding my body is needing to work hard at digesting foods other than grapes. I know this is part of the re-feeding process and I am enjoying this process of eating lots of raw foods. #grapeonlydiet

I would love to hear about your healing journey and diet below in the comments. Please remember to Subscribe to Roar to continue following my journey, healing tips, free raw food recipes and more!

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