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Why I am now eating only organic grapes

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Today is Day 17 of eating only grapes. I will say this past week has been a little touch and go as I have been really unwell during much of the past week. Alarm bells were started going off in my mind from Day 12 of the grape diet and I felt that something was wrong with the grape diet I was doing. I had symptoms this week such as head aches, face pain, neuralgia, PTSD, serve mood swings, tooth pain, eye twitch, low energy, felt freezing cold (to the point that I was still cold in the shower with only the hot water running on me), could not exercise, struggled to think clearly, mental confusion, anxiety and generally not feeling myself. I want to state here that at no point did I feel that the symptoms I got this week were due to "detox".

On Day 15 this week of the grape only diet I could barely get out of bed due to the above symptoms. I pushed on and did manage to go to work on this day. On Day 15 day each time I ate a grape I realised it was causing a severe tooth pain again and this was in the tooth that I went on this diet to heal. You can read more about the start of my grape healing diet and why I went on it here .

I like to always follow my intuition when healing. For most of this week my intuition kept telling me to eat only organic grapes. This intuition felt like a strong calling to the point that I felt deeply that all would be okay on this grape diet if I ate only organic grapes. Organic fruits (including grapes) ".... are the production of food without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components" (Better Health Cannel, 2022) This is important as I am extremely chemical sensitivity and non organic produce that I usually eat would contain chemicals and this may have been a problem for my health.

So after work on Day 15 I stopped off at my local health food store as they stock a small amount of organic produce. I was very lucky to see they had a large stock of organic grapes in the store. I purchased approx. 3 kilograms of their organic grapes. As I walked out of the shop I popped some of the organic grapes into my mouth and noticed immediately that as I chewed I did not get tooth pain while eating these.

As I ate more of the organic grapes in the afternoon on Day 15 I noticed I felt better, happier and that the pain in my face started to ease. Within 2 hours of eating organic grapes I had also had my first normal bowel movement since on this diet, as I had been a constipated the entire time while eating only grapes. By the evening on Day 15 I was feeling less confused, clearer and most of the symptoms I was having earlier in the week had eased, including the feeling of extreme coldness.

organic grapes

organic grapes

I woke up on Day 16 and sprung out of bed at 5am. I felt so much better and went running, did a yoga class and enjoyed a busier work day again. I felt so much better and I had only been eating organic grapes for half a day at this point. It felt incredible to be able to exercise again after most of the week being spent resting.

Today is now Day 17 of eating only grapes. I am well stocked with organic grapes for the next few days and very happy to say that all of the neurological symptoms I was having over this past week have almost gone. This included the twitch I had in my left eye that started from Day 3 of grape eating.

Most of the symptoms I was experiencing were neurological while eating non organic grapes. It is a well known fact that the pesticides that are sprayed onto non organic grapes to eradicate insects, bacteria and virus's when the fruit is grown can cause neurological problems and even neurotoxicity. As stated by Dr Zac Turner from that "One fruit we should all try to buy organic are grapes. In Australia, our grapes contain 200 times more of the insecticide Methomyl than in the UK. If eaten in high doses, this insecticide overstimulates the nervous system and causes nausea, dizziness and confusion." he also goes on to say "For context, Australia allows the use of 144 highly hazardous pesticide ingredients. The UK authorises the use of 73." This information is shocking, sad and adds to how going forward I will be much more diligent when shopping for fruit and vegetables.

There are very long lists of different pesticides that are sprayed onto grapes and other fresh produce when they are grown in Australia and around the world. I am so very sensitive when it comes to chemicals and it seems pesticides are one of those chemicals due to all the symptoms I have been experiencing while ingesting them . I can only speculate that there is something that is sprayed on grapes and possibly the other fruits and vegetables I was eating before starting this grape only diet that possibly me unwell.

It is very possible that the raw food diet was never a problem at all for my healing. It now seems highly plausible that it was something sprayed (pesticides) onto the foods before I purchased them that I was ingesting and thus causing my health problems. It may have been that these pesticides built up in my body, then caused the neurological pain and tooth inflammation 3 weeks ago, that lead me to the grape diet.

organic grapes

organic grapes

I am also very mindful now that since pesticides are sprayed onto the skins on produce that it is always best to eat organic if you eat the skin of a fruit or vegetable. For example I will always buy organic strawberries and grapes going forward as I eat the skins of these fruits. A fruit like a orange or kiwi fruit may not need to be organic produce as I always peel these fruits before I eat them. This means lower ingestion of pesticides that are on the surface of the produce as I am removing the surface before I eat it.

I will continue on this organic grapes only diet for as long as I need to. I do feel it is helping with some deeper healing and I am truly feeling grea now that I am eating organic grapes. My plan will be to break the grape diet when I feel ready, and I plan to do this with other types of organic fruits. I have no plan to stop this grape diet any time soon!! #grapeonlydiet

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Darcy Erwin
Darcy Erwin
Feb 12, 2023

That is so wonderful you made that connection. That is the kind of thing that often happens to me. I am very sensitive and sometimes I think I am going crazy - so do other people- I fond it encouraging to know I am not alone! Lol. I often feel like I am trying to solve a puzzle. Okay so what am I eating now that is bothering me!! On the positive side it has led me to fixing a lot of my own health problems. Slowly but surely I work through them. I have healed severe adrenal malfunction, Hashimotos, candida, oxidative stress. I now have some lingering FODMAP and histamine problems that I am working on. Which was a…

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