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Raw Foods & Free Raw Vegan Recipes

Updated: May 11, 2022


Creating yummy raw vegan food is a huge part of a raw lifestyle. I love making bright, bold and tasty recipes that look high vibe and that are packed full of nutrients. I created raw. Recipes so you too can create & enjoy raw foods on your journey. raw. Recipes also acts as a guide for you to use. As when it comes to raw foods use your imagination with the raw ingredients I use, as you too can recreate some of your favourite foods raw too.

I really enjoy creating raw food dishes as they contain all the digestive enzymes a body needs that cooking would otherwise destroy. Raw food is filled with hydration, nutrients, amino acids and the life force we thrive off of and need for optimal health.

As a raw vegan I now eat only fruit and vegetables that are fresh from the ground and have not undergone any cooking above 48'c. There are always some exceptions to the rule, and for me these are no nuts, seeds, mushrooms. I found by eliminating these from my diet, I felt even better and healed even faster.

I should also note here that I do not consume anything processed eg no oils, refined sugars, vinegars, fermented foods, pre packaged herbs & spices and almost all things that come pre-packaged are now not in my diet. I have NOT eliminated sun dried sea vegetables even though these do come pre-packaged at a health food store. Hey we all have our vices!

Please know that this is a very brief overview of a raw vegan lifestyle that I have found works for me. I may go back to some raw foods like nuts & seeds at some stage in the future- who knows! At this point I have found no need for them and I am thriving so I will stick with fresh foods that work best for me at this point.

The importance here is to let my recipes be a guide for you. Please feel free to add or remove anything that does not resonate with you from any of my recipes. I would love to hear how you go if you do create any of my raw. Recipes.

When creating any of my recipes please remember that all fruit and vegetables vary in size, so when preparing a meal you should use your own discretion. Use this principle to suit your taste when adding ingredients too.

Now as for what you will need as a raw chef:

  1. High speed blender ( I use a Vitamix )

  2. Food dehydrator ( I use Excalibur )

  3. Spirilizer (oodle maker) ( mine is from Kmart )

  4. Vegetable peeler ( I use a Jamie Oliver one )

  5. Food processor ( mine is from Kmart )

The above products are not a must to become raw vegan. I started out with a vegetable peeler only. I will talk more about how I use these above appliances in future posts and also ways to use tools you already have in your kitchen ( I am not affiliated with any brands or products on my website ).

I hope you enjoy raw foods as much as I do and you that you find raw. Recipes a helpful tool in your kitchen.

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