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How to create the perfect Raw Vegan Salad

I create many salads and for a good reason my Raw Vegan salads are not just full of goodness and nutrition. I find a deep connection to the salads I create as I do believe my salads helped bring me back to life last year (2021). This is why I love creating and enjoying my salads.

When I first went Raw Vegan I almost instantly found so much pleasure in BIG SALADS. After eating fruit all day I would find myself excited to go to the shops and pick any fresh ingredients I desired to create my HUGE SALADS at around 4pm. It would excite me to see all the colours and textures as I created my salads. I would feel so good making these salads. I would feel happy and satisfied eating the BIG SALAD'S in the sun. Then after finishing the salad I felt incredible! It was a win, win, win, win!!! I still feel like this every day when making my 4pm salads!!

People ask "What do you put into your salads?", "How did you make the dressing for your salad?" and "How can I create one of your BIG SALADS?" etc. So I am sharing today with you how I make my salads. I believe all the decisions about my salad making come down to Intuition. I really feel by listening to my intuition I can give my body what it is needing, craving and desiring. I use intuition for both choosing the produce that will go into the salad and the dressing flavour combo that I will make for the salad.

When I started this Raw Vegan journey I was on a Disability Pension and this meant I did not have a huge amount of money. I decided once I discovered Raw Vegan Foods (in 2021) that I could get me well eating this way that I would put every cent I had into all into the fruits and vegetables my body needed. As I saw it I had a responsibility to use the money the government was giving me to get my self well (and it worked).

I was spending approx. $250 a week on fresh produce. I found this so important as when you treat yourself with good produce you can really enjoy this lifestyle and thrive. This meant that when I walked into a fruit market and craved many fresh foods, I would buy all I felt would taste good and looked good. I still use this principle everyday during my weekly grocery hauls.

When I walk into a fresh produce store I am usually drawn to in season produce, fruits, greens, vegetables, fruits, ginger, turmeric, garlic, leeks, onions to make a salad from. My staple foods that I usually put in most of my salads are greens such as lettuce, rocket. Then I add zucchini, cucumber and carrots. Next level of the salad it the tomato, herbs (coriander, basil, dill). Then I do the avocado and fruit (mangoes, strawberries, figs or medjool dates). I then finish the salad with chives, spring onions and chilli.

The reason I use the above ingredients is because these are my favourites! I crave this base salad often. I do add many many other things to my salads often as I find it exciting. I will add purple cabbage, blended raw sweet potato, raw hummus (sprouted chick peas blended with garlic and lemon juice), beetroot, capsicum, peas, spouts, radish and much much more.

What you choose to put into your big salad is up to you. I do find it so satisfying to put as many flavours into my bowl that I am craving and desire. I sometimes will finish off my salads with some fresh shaved ginger, shaved turmeric, diced garlic and some citrus juice. Please check out my blog post on all the different citrus dressing combinations as it will help you dress your BIG SALAD.

How To make a Big Salad?


  • Chopping board

  • Sharp knife

  • High speed blender

  • Spirilizer or vegetable peeler

1. Chop and place into a in a bowl favourite greens. I am enjoying rocket, baby spinach and butter lettuce at the moment.

2. Then I will add carrots and cucumbers and as you can see below I have sprilized these for the salad with a spirilizer (mine is from Kmart ).

1. Greens

2. Carrot & cucumber

3. I then add a layer of my favourite fresh herbs chopped into the dish.

4. Next I add lots of fresh chopped tomato on top.

3. Herbs

4. Tomatoes

5. I then add a sweet fruit and mango is my favourite right now. I simple chopped the mango and placed it into the bowl

6. I added some avocado to the bowl (mashed or chopped)

5. Mango

6. Avocado

7. I love to add fresh sprouts in my salads. Here I added onion, garlic, chive and alfalfa sprouts (so yummy!!). I also added some chopped fennel.

8. I finished of my salad with a small amount of fresh chopped chilli.

7. Fennel & sprouts

8. Chilli

9. Then I created a dressing and the one I created for this HUGE salad was a raw. Herb & Coconut dressing . The dressing includes tomatoes, coconut, herbs, galangal, ginger, lemon, medjool dates, garlic and chilli. I will include the full recipe on the NEW Recipes Database .

9. Dressing ingredients in blender

9. Dressing ingredients in blender

10. After you blend the dressing in a high speed blender you then pour the blend into a squeezy bottle and drizzle the dressing over the HUGE Salad.

10. raw. Herb & coconut dressing in squeezy bottle

10. Dressing on HUGE Salad

11. I recommend using plenty of dressing on the salad.

11. Huge Salad with raw. Herb & coconut dressing

12. Then toss the salad and enjoy it with extra lemon (I love adding extra citrus to my salads).

12. Tossed salad with citrus

12. Tossed salad

This is how I make most of my large salads. I just always adjust ingredients based on flavours I crave. You can use this formula to create any salad from your favourite ingredients.

A tip is to always add a sweet fruit to your salad and or dressing. By doing this you will find it a more enjoying experience as remember from a recent blog post I spoke about how we as humans are frugivores, and therefor highly desire sweet foods over anything else found in nature.

I hope this blog post helps you stay healthy, satisfied and living your best life! Remember to join Roar so you never miss out on new tips, guides, recipes and launches from your favourite site.

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