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New Raw Vegan Recipes From Leanne

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Hi, my name is Leanne, I’m 42 years old and I became a fully raw vegan almost 5 months ago.

I had the enormous privilege of being coached by Skye in the first weeks of my raw vegan journey, and there is no way I would be where I am now, doing what I can now, without her!

If you would like to hear more of my story, and more about what led me to become a raw vegan, I have written another blog post which is also posted here on Roar!

I am married with one daughter, and though we are a British family, we live in the Philippines!

We love it, and it’s a wonderful place to live the raw vegan lifestyle.

There are so many delicious tropical fruits here!

Skye has recently invited me to join Roar!! I am truly blown away, very very privileged and excited beyond words to do so!!

I have developed a massive passion for creating raw food, and I am so very blessed and grateful to now be well enough and strong enough to practice this passion every day!

When I first began creating raw dishes I did so with a chopping board, knife, old vegetable peeler, an old and very basic food processor, and an old model mini bullet blender.

I purchased a very small very cheap dehydrator a couple of months or so into my raw vegan journey and a little while after that, a manual spiralizer for making zoodles.These two things were such an exciting addition to my kitchen in those early weeks!


I am glad I started relatively simply, as it gave me time to learn the basics about raw foods, and how they behave.

I was absolutely over the moon though the day I was able to purchase my Vitamix blender!

It is an incredible machine, and it opens up so many possibilities when creating raw dishes, I use it multiple times every day and love it!

Leanne with her Vitamix blender

Another recent and very exciting purchase for me was my new Lecon dehydrator! It is so much more versatile and better than the cheap little dehydrator I started out with.I wouldn’t have had it any other way though, as I learned so much in those first weeks in the kitchen without the risk of being overwhelmed by powerful new machines.

Leanne creating raw foods with her dehydrator

I have created many raw vegan recipes, and I’m very excited to begin sharing them with you very soon here on Roar!!

A few of my favourites raw vegan recipes include, my BBQ jackfruit, which is a big favourite of my husbands. It is versatile, so full of flavour and very satisfying. There is my zoodle soup, which is comforting and filling. My raw pizza, and raw burgers are also big favourite in our house! Its fun to make raw vegan substitutes of conventional junk foods sometimes, as it feels wonderful to know that as we enjoy them they are only nourishing and supporting our bodies, not hurting them!

Raw BBQ Jackfruit

Raw Zoodle Soup

Raw Burger

Raw Pizza

Christmas is our family’s very favorite time of year!As I prepare for my very first raw Christmas, I am really enjoying coming up with raw vegan recipes for these days of celebration! I have created a yummy Christmas stuffing recipe and also a cranberry sauce recipe to accompany it!

Raw Christmas Style Salad ingredients including Raw Cranberry Sauce

Raw Christmas Style Salad

My raw vegan deserts include cookies, banoffee pie, and Swiss roll! I love making raw vegan takes on deserts that are truly delicious while still so good for us! I truly believe that the raw vegan diet is the most abundant, nourishing, colourful, interesting, diverse, and exciting style of eating available to us as human beings! It is anything but boring and I absolutely love to showcase that with my raw food!!

Raw Vegan Carob Cookies

Raw Vegan Swiss Roll

Raw Banoffee Pie

I cannot wait to share these recipes and much more with you soon!! I hope that my recipes and my raw vegan journey will encourage you as you walk your own!! #roarleanne

Leanne. 💚🌱

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