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Raw healing mind set


A few times this week the topic of 'How I gained a healing and raw food mind set' came up when talking with different people. I also had an incredible interview this week with Perri the Plant Master and we spoke about the mind shift that occurs as you transition into raw foods. I was also asked this week a few times about how I shifted my mind from one of a sick person to a healthy person to heal with raw foods. So today I wanted to talk about how I created a new mindset and healed myself.

I have not spoken much in the past about the transformation that took place in my mind when I healed. And in my opinion the mind is the true keeper of health. If your mind is sick, your thoughts are sick and then your body too will be in dis-ease. So what was my turning point after years of doctors, medicines, hospitals, surgeries, disease, medical journals and people telling me daily what to try next that changed so significantly that I was able to heal myself? The answer ended up very simple in that I started to belief in myself above all else.

That's right ..... I only believed in myself to heal! I want to be really really clear on this point as this mindset changed my entire life. You see even before we are born and at approx. 6- 7 month along as a fetus we can hear the voices and opinions of people outside of our mother's womb. From that point we are taking in information that we store and create our own reality and mindset from.

Then as we grow we are around people who tell us how the world works, tv & news shows that tell us what and how to feel, 15- 20 years of institutionalised learning that tells us all who we are, all we have been and all we are able to become. All while this on top of that fact that if you get sick in your life you once again you have another person telling you the 'correct' answer and instructions about how you get well.

Well when I was close to 40 years old, had been sick most of my life, had over 60 operations since I was 8 yrs old, spent approx. 25 years bedridden, had about 30 different diagnoses of illness from doctors, was still very unwell, felt miserable most days and when I got up each day I drunk alcohol and smoked to help numb all that I was feeling inside and out.

So when I first started to notice one day that eating only raw foods made a huge difference in my energy and health. It finally dawned on me that maybe I new myself best, that I had been listening to advice which had made me sick and not well for most of my life.

2021 when I decided I could heal myself
2021 when I decided I could heal myself

With this knowledge I took the biggest leap of my life when it came to my mindset. I decided that going forward I was only going to do things that my body & mind felt good thinking about, felt good doing and felt good after I had finished doing. I told my mind to let go of all I had learnt, been told, shown, promised and more. I decided in 2021 when I started my raw food journey that only the things I felt were good for me were coming into my body & mind. I believed so strongly that this would equal the first steps of healing in my life.

With this new mindset I realised very quickly that there were some simple things that fitted really well into my new 'Feel good for me ' mindset. The things I really concentrated on everyday (and I still do these today) as I healed were:

  • Raw food shopping, creating and eating the raw food.

  • Sunlight on my face and body.

  • Lots of time in nature eg ocean swims, sitting on the grass in parks.

  • Cold showers.

  • Sleeping in a bed with no metal eg no inner springs.

  • Peppermint oil used if a symptom flared up.

  • Music.

  • Walks in nature daily.

  • Tea (I do not do this now)

  • Lots of quiet time.

  • Kind self talk.

What is so interesting about this list above is that I went through so many struggles, health problems and was near death a few times. It took all this to find that I had the strength to find a healing mindset list that suites me. Most of what is written in this list are simply things I did when I was a child that made me feel good. This added to the fact that I realised after starting to eat raw foods that nature seemed to increase the speed at which I was heal. I then trained myself to do these healing helping things every day.

It is sad to think about all those years I was so desperate to heal. I was so focused on surviving and believed so much in all I had been told by others that would work to heal me that I almost died. We are not trained growing up to create our own mindsets around what we each need to feel good everyday. It really was about letting go of all the 40 years years of programming that saved my life, then I found myself and my mindset to heal. Always know that a great mindset is as much about letting go of what does not benefit you as much as it is learning the correct mindset for yourself.



One of the hardest parts of healing and creating a new mindset for myself was to trust that I could heal me. I am grateful everyday in the self trust I have, the mindset I have built and who I am and what it represents everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any great healing and mindset tips please leave them in the comments below. Also do not forget to subscribe to the Roar website for great raw food recipes, advice, podcasts, tips and health!!

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Hi Skye I know you talked to me about this briefly but to see it all in writing. Wow! So me as well. I am forever greatful we have crossed paths and my future MI set and health at 60 will get better. I beleive!!

I'm excited to work with you on my healing journey. Much love and appreciation 💜🪻🫶✨️

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