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raw. Open lettuce burger

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About the Recipe

Flavourful raw hamburger


1/2 cup raw. Sweet chilli glass noodles

Tablespoon raw. Avocado & mint yogurt

Tablespoon raw. Tomato dressing ( the dressing from my raw. Chill avocado pasta with tomato dressing recipe)

2 raw. Mango & dulse vegtable patties

Lettuce bun

1/2 Top half of a head of lettuce


Extra chilli

Edible flowers


Step 1 Take the middle out of the top half of the cut lettuce half and use this as the base of the bun.

Step 2 Spread the raw. Avocado & mint yogurt over the bottom piece of lettuce bun.

Step 3 Top with the raw. Mango & dulse vegtable patties.

Step 4 Place in the raw. Sweet chilli glass noodles

Step 5 Sprinkle burger with edible flowers and chilli to garnish.

Step 6 Finish with raw. Tomato dressing (you can find the dressing here in the raw. Chill avocado pasta with tomato dressing dish)

Step 7 Place the top of the lettuce bun on your burger and enjoy!

Chef's Tips

  • The links to the recipes in the recipe are included

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