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Healing myself & fruit.....

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I know here at Roar we post a lot of raw vegan recipes that are made from lots of things like vegetables, nuts and herbs. I do really love my savoury raw meals and creating them. I wanted to focus this week on what I have been eating this summer in Australia. I have mostly eaten mono meals of fruit from 11am- 4pm each day and a salad at night. This huge amount of fruit in my life has had many health benefits and led me to where I am now on a exclusively fruit only diet for deeper healing.

I have mentioned in previous posts that we as humans are frugivores. This means we as humans are designed to eat fruit like our close relatives chimpanzees and bonobos, which are primates. Primates predominantly eat fruit and have similar digestive tracts to us, please check out my Fruit til 4 post to read more on this.

As I said above for most of the day I eat eat fruits. I do this by having mono meals of papaya and mango. I will usually eat 2-3 papayas for breakfast and then 7 or 8 mangoes for lunch. One of the reasons I have high amounts of these fruits is that they are both in season here in Australia in summer. Both of these fruits also taste incredible and are extremely hydrating (high water content), which is great for Australian summer.

Some of the benefits of mango and papaya is that they are high in vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and beta-carotene, which is a precursor of vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for various processes in the body (e.g. cell renewal , visual processing, immunity and repair). We use folic acid to support cell division and vitamin C strengthens the body's defence mechanisms.

In addition, mango and papaya provides minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. These, as well as other plant compounds are high in dietary fibre. Dietary fibre is important to ensure that digestion and our intestines function at it's highest capacity.

With all that said and the fact that I have eaten mostly mango and papaya from 11am -4pm most days for about 4 months. I do believe this is due to the fact that my body needed a high level of reparative work done after all I have put my body through over the years. Many of the benefits I just mentioned above are all vitamins and nutrients that help with repair in the human body. I talk more about some of what I went through health wise in a previous post.

Since eating this way I noticed my skin has improved, hair thickened, better endurance and enhanced digestion since eating mono meals of these fruits. It is also important to note too that on the days I have dancing for 3 hours (this is twice a week) I ate fruit all day with no salad in the evening. I find on these days I am lighter and more energised from eating just fruit, this would be due to how we have a digestive system that digests fruits quickly and efficiently. Fruit is high in sugars including glucose and as glucose is the main source of fuel for our cells eating fruit gives my body the energy it needs to dance and thrive every day. I will say the more fruit I ingest the better I feel, the more efficient I become at things and apply myself to. Fruit is also electric and that is how I feel on fruits!!

This high level of fruit eating over this Australian Summer has been a huge influence on a grape feast I have just started. I have some deeper healing to do and I was told by my dentist recently that I need a tooth pulled (removed). I want to see if I can heal this tooth by eating only grapes for an extended period of time. I have chosen to eat this fruit after reading The Grape Cure by by Johanna Brandt and I am a huge fan of Dr Morse's and all his healing work with grapes. His book, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook is one of the greatest raw food reads I have read. Dr Morse also shares so much about raw food healing knowledge on his Youtube channel . He has really educated me on the ways you can heal at a deeper level with raw foods.

All in all, please remember, every person's health and healing journey is different. I am sharing all I have learnt with raw foods as it saved my life and helped me to thrive. The greatest advice I can give to you is to listen to your body and follow a diet your body, mind and soul responds well to. Also, never rush the process of healing as we are nature and as you know, in nature, you can can not rush the blooming of a flower. You too can bloom if you have patience and dedicate yourself to you, by loving you first and by nurturing your health.

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