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My incredible health since The Grape Diet

Grape cleanse

Yes I am talking about grapes again this week. The reason I wanted to talk more on the Grape Only Diet I went on for 3 weeks is that I have noticed many changes to my health and diet since ceasing the Grape Only Diet.If you would like to know about the Grape Only Diet I went on for 3 weeks, then please read the other blog posts I have written here.

It has now been almost a month since I stopped my Grape Only Diet and I feel myself feeling better and better every day. I truly went into the Grape Only Diet believing it would heal my tooth pain, which it did. It seems it also had many other health benefits in stall for me that I did not feel until I stopped the Grape Only Diet and begin introducing other raw foods again.

Grape cleanse

Grape cleanse

The benefits I only felt after the Grape Only Diet are:

  • sinus clearer

  • more energy

  • less bloated

  • lost weight after the cleanse (approx 3kg)

  • hair stronger

  • mood improved

  • I can not tolerate garlic, onion, many starchy vegetables

  • my body functions much better on a higher fruit diet now

  • not craving fats ( I will still have a little avocado or coconut sometimes)

  • mental health is better

  • I feel more spiritual and connected to the universe

  • better endurance

  • all round happier and stronger

  • better concentration

I feel sharing how great I feel now after the Grape Only Diet as it is import. It is always good to know your reasons for doing a cleanse or detox. I never thought about doing this diet for all the above health benefits. My main reason for doing the diet was my sore tooth and neuralgia (to read more on this see the blog post here). Yet some people (including myself) may want to do this diet to improve their overall health and vitality. This is a great reason to do this diet and something I will do in the future for improved health. What ever your reason for undertaking a specific healing diet you need to really remember the reason you are doing healing as this will really help you stick the diet.

Grape cleanse

I wanted to also share what I am eating at the moment as I am still eating a large volume of grapes each day. I will still eat approx. 1.5kg of organic seedless Ralli grapes each day. I also am have approx. 3-4 papaya and a green salad at night with leafy greens, herbs, zucchini or cucumber, tomato, capsicum, mango, ginger and citrus juice (check here for some great citrus dressing combos.)

Grape cleanse

Grape cleanse

It seems since the Grape Only Diet it will take my body time until I am comfortably able to eat all other foods again, my body really got use to the grapes. It may also be that I am still healing with the grapes and my body requires other fruits and greens to do so. Either way I am listening to my body always when I heal and I recommend you all do too. #grapeonlydiet

I have done a Youtube interview about my 21 Days of eating only grapes. This interview was with Gillian Berry and will be out soon. I also did a Live Instagram video about my journey as well. I hope these help you on your journey and if you have tried the Grape Only Diet before I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Also do not forget to Subscribe to Roar for great recipes, tips, guides and raw food info!!

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